Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

These guidelines set behavior and communication expectations to keep everyone safe and included. As a member of the Girls Who Code sisterhood, we ask that you join us in our commitment to:

Keep it Positive
Girls Who Code HQ is a diverse and inclusive community that values all of our members. There will be zero tolerance for harassment, bullying, threats, glorifying violence or self-harm, or disrespectful comments. If you see this kind of behavior, flag the content or contact Do not react to negative comments or violate these guidelines in response. Be mindful of other’s experiences. Controversial topics and conversations are okay, so long as no one is put at risk and none of these guidelines are broken.

Be Brave
Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and questions. And remember, when answering questions, that there are no silly questions. You may have more experience, so help the asker get to your level rather than putting them down. We are all here to learn from each other and to grow. Recovering from mistakes and pressing forward is what matters here, not being perfect.

Stay On-topic
Post pictures of code you’re stumped on, post pictures of hedgehogs eating bananas, or just check in with your classmates. Refrain from posting any spam or advertisements. No matter the topic, it should be a good experience for everyone participating. Be positive and encouraging.

Keep it Legal
This community includes members from age 13 and up. Please be mindful of the age and experiences of all your Girls Who Code sisters when you post. Don’t post anything illegal, violent, pornographic, or references to drugs and alcohol. Be yourself, and do not impersonate another person, brand, or celebrity. Additionally, do not share text or images that you do not have permission to share, including copyrighted or confidential material.

Protect your Privacy
HQ is just for the Girls Who Code community, a community that spans 50 states and tens of thousands of girls. Think twice before sharing personal information in a public or private forum, such as an address, phone number, or social media handle. Do not share someone else’s personal information without their explicit permission.

Help Us Keep Our Community Strong
We ask that you take these guidelines seriously while engaging in Girls Who Code HQ. Please flag any post or comment that you believe violate these guidelines by pressing the three dots near it. A Girls Who Code team member will review it and respond within 24 business hours. You may also reach out directly to Girls Who Code will do our best to enforce these consistently and fairly. These guidelines can change at anytime, let us know if you have any suggestions.